Agents of the Exiled are Pathfinders meaning they can cross between dimensions. They were created as a force to prevent chaos from spreading throughout the dimensions and to maintain peace and tranquility. During the Dark Ages the Agents were deployed to protect and restore order within Earth's dimension after Pandora was released by his disciple Mephisto. During that war many Agents were defeated, however Pandora was stopped and sealed away once more within the Infinity Prison. The Agents, who were once members of society but were chosen by their Personas as their vessel and gained the abilities to cross the dimensional gates and prevent chaos from unfolding into our world and the other dimensions. The Personas are divine beings who over see the balance of power between dimensions. They tend to choose humans that they deem "admirable" and are at the brink of death and give them the opportunity to become their Vessels and allow the Persona to take possession of their body. These admirable traits include self sacrifice, helping others in need, and protecting others from harms way. Once a Persona has taken over the Vessel, the Vessel maintains the previous life and memories of their past life and still acts on their own accord. The Persona is an alter ego of the Vessel and in combat they provide the Vessel with immense power to fight their enemies. In most serious cases the Persona can take possession of their Vessel and this is considered their Possession State. In this state the Persona has full control over the Vessel and can unleash their full potential in a fight. Agents have protected the balance of the dimensions for centuries and although they are deemed "heroes" in legend their are Agents who have turned against the pact that they agreed on with their Persona and have used their power to cause chaos. As of current there are four known Agents in existence, these Agents are known as Sin, Fenrir, Drakon, and Gaia. There are other Agents that wander the dimensional void, however, not all are on the side of the righteous. Some Agents, hungry for more power have consumed their Persona's and have become Astroarchs, or beings of divine power, but without sense or reason on how to control their wrath, it is up to the remaining Agents to ensure that these beings are kept at bay.