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Azure Demons (紺碧の鬼) is a Independent Guild located in the center of Wisteria Town.


Azure Demons is located in Wisteria Town, a large city, hidden deep in the Jian Forest, surround by large tres and a thick deep fog. The Guild, itself can be found in the center of Wisteria Town, in a small bar, called the Moon Rising , where members can apply, and pick up work. However rumors have it that the true elite members are located underground and all over the city, and that the Moon Rising Bar, is just a decoy as the actual guild is made up of a few select individuals. 


The Azure Demons, are renowned for being one of the most feared and respected independent guilds in the world, and throughout history, as the guild was founded by a set of legendary Assassins, Ninja, and Thieves. The Guild today offers services, as little as Thief, Blackmail, to extreme services, such as kidnapping, and even Assassination. The Guild itself is dark one, and throughout history has hardly made a appearance, however anyone who has crossed his Guild, has met their has the Azure Demons, are most famously known for their elite squad The Assassin 7 who once took down a country's monarchy. The current leader is a Direct Descendant to the first Guild Master, known as Jake, and the Guild under his command has been feared by both the law and the underworld. However there is a legend that speaks, many of the true members of the guild, go through a mutation, process, that allows them to physically become, "part of the night" .


While anyone, can simply enter the Rising Moon, fill out form, and call themselves a Azure Demon, many people known that in order to truly join them, you must be approached and receive an invitation to join. The person who receives said invitation, will come in the form of a letter with simply Dagger drawing on it. The person who than wishes to join must excel at the art of stealth, espionage, and assassination. Once proven their skills, they will be force to go through body ritual mutation known as the Assassin's Mark which will increase their powers, however cause them to bound by an oath, if captured, and they are to spill the secrets about the guild, a poison in their bodies, will be released killing them. One last thing a new recruit revives is the Guild's emblem, over their bodies which is a sign they are true Azure Demons, since regular members do not receive a guild mark.


The Azure Demons are a small yet powerful warriors of the night with over 200 true elite members, and over 5000 regular members

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