Royal Arm 5
Dagger of the Song

Royal Arm



"There was once a Queen, who could sing so beautifully that she could quell even the wildest of beasts, until a illness robbed her of life. Befors she passed she had her wizards put he voice into weapon which could play like a instrument, this is her Dagger, forever echoing its tune throughout history" - The Dagger of the Song described by Gladius

The Dagger of the Song is one of the fourteen Royal Arms of Power.


The Dagger is coated with pure solid gold with green coated on the side of be blades. The dagger also has a long handle with three piston vales on the grip similar like trumpet, with a small hole on the other slide of the grip and a fours on the blade itself which the music comes out of.

The Dagger of the Song is a unique weapon as it acts as two things, 1)it allows the user to wield the dagger as a usual weapon, the dagger is also made of a rare metal which cannot be broken and is considered a holy weapon meaning it has special effects on the undead, 2) the weapon’s main function is using the power of music and sound to do deal damage and gain buffs. The Dagger does this by acting as a instrument itself being a mix of a trumpet/flute. The user does this by placing their mouth on the on the whole on handle of the blade and uses their finger to press the piston vale, which allows to play a number of tunes which the music comes out of the four holes on the blade. By doing this the user can play a number of songs which have different effects, but require memory in order to play, making the dagger hard to master.

Known Songs=

"To mávro ángigma" : this is one of the dagger’s songs causing an enemy to slowly fall asleep, and continue so until the song is over.