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Yami no Metsuryū Mahō


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Darkness Dragon Slayer Magic (闇の滅竜魔法 Yami no Metsuryū Mahō) is a form of Dragon Slayer Magic, Lost Magic, and Caster Magic that utilizes Darkness.


This Magic allows the user to gain the characteristics of a Darkness Dragon. Black☆Star is capable of forming Dark Energy from his body and use it for Offensive and Defensive style. The Magic can also transform the user into the darkness and be able hide in the shadows. This is also capable of shifting or bending Dark Energy into any form.


Darkness Dragon's Iron Fist: The user surrounds their fist with Darkness, and punches the target sending them flying with brute force.

Darkness Dragon's Wing Attack: By covering their arms, the user releases two long tail whips from him and slashes them in front of him. Good when fighting a group of enemies.

Darkness Dragon's Roar: The user breaths in Darkness, and releases a Dark Beam from their mouth.

Advanced Spells: Dragon Slayer Secret Arts

Dark Death: 7 Layered Explosive Death Cannon: The user's arms are filled with a huge amount of energy and then, by clapping them together, it sends a shot of explosive Dark Energy aiming at the target.

Dark Hell: Twin Death Fang Barrage: The user has their hands in a fang shaped position, and then attacks the target rapidly, and on the final blow, it sends them flying with a enormous amount of force.

Hell's Rage: Dark Possession: The user grabs a hold of the target's face, and implants a small amount of Darkness, causing the target to go insane and witnessing true fear which makes the target go into submission.