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  Drako Silva is the Ice Dragon Slayer and a member of the infamous Soul Tracker unit governed by the Grim Reaper


Drako is an average size boy with white hair, and gold eyes, he wears a long white button down shirt with dark suit jacket over it, and wears black jeans with white running shoes. Also since being a part of the Soul Trackers he has a mark on the top of his left hand.


Drako is a boy of few words, unable to speak after being beaten some many times in the streets in his youth he can only manage speaking at a low tone, or can only manage a few words, before needing to pause. He is also very hateful towards the human race after, and wishes he could exterminate them all. The only people Drako has been able to open to are his brothers, the other Soul Trackers and Grim Reaper, and at times Noxus Lindow. Other than that he is very anti-social and keeps to himself. There are even hints that he is the know to be the craziest out of the Soul Trackers being even more of Sadist than Kratos himself.


Drako was a boy who didn't get to live life , the way he truly wished being a orphan it was hard for him to dream of being just a normal kid, until one dreadful day occcured. Drako was caugh stealing food, something a kid like him had to do in order to survive however, this time he stole from the wrong people, the city he grew up in was known as a Devil's play house the people who lived there only cared about, money, busniess, and lust, they were far from civilized. Most people would just slap the wrist of a kid thief and call it a day, however the people in this city were far from forgiven. Drako was beaten, stabbed, and humiliated by the people he stole from all bloody and beaten he watched as they laughed calling him filth and trash of the earth, at that moment he cursed the world for the unfairness he was given, the people he was looking were not humans, but demons of hell itself. Drako's struggle to get up and was just beaten again he didn't want to die, it wasn't death that he was scared off, or the though of living a short life was his regret, he was determined to stay alive, the only reason he did not want to die was to fulfill a desire, a dark desire one which to those wronged him and the rest of those type of people burn to dead, for a split second Drako wanted to kill so badly it was pure evil that took over him, but at last, no matter how many times he stood up, he was bound to fall and this time he knew he would stay down. Slowly closing his bloody eyes he could no longer see, only black for this instant he though he was dead and his body was cold, cold as ice. Until a hand reached out to him, the hand placed on his hand soothing Drako, this hand was warm for him a sense of comfort as it was the Grim Reaper who appeared in front of him and spoke to Drako softly, "Drako my child you have been dealt a bad hand, I've been watching you for a long time, come join my family become my cold hand that freezes my enemies, and I will give you strength beyond imagination , the strength of Dragon, who takes what he wants by not burning, but by freezing his enemies in their tracks" Drako could only nod as the Grim Reaper slowly smirks and Drako body freezes with ice all around him as the Grim Reaper spoke "You will be the cold breeze of death for my new unit, this power I give you was created by a Legendary Dragon, who could challenge the Gods, now take his power and seek revenge in my name, and remember like they say Drako my child, Revenge is a dish best served cold", he said as the Grim Reaper vanished and Drako's lifeless body slowly stood up as the man who had beaten him were still their and turned as they saw the bloody young boy standing up, as they laughed and walk up to him as they ended to end Drako. Drako smirked demonically as they alleyway was covered in blood as and screams were heard. Drako walked out of the alleyway he smiles finally having power for the first time he notices the city was busy over in the distance as he remember it was a holiday as most of the people were outside as he flew up in the air and summoned a huge a gust of wind, this breeze of death surrounded the city slowly killing of the citizens as they screamed as Drako just closed his eyes and let the tune of Death play its melody as he smiled. He looked down as his hand and saw his marking the Grim Reaper left him, he got up and slowly walked out of town taking in the smell of wonder as it was time to go meet the people he was gonna call family, Drako smirked as he found new purpose in life he was Drako, The Chill of Death, or better known as Drako of the infamous Soul Trackers

Magic and Abilities

Ice Dragon Slayer Magic: Due to him being the Ice Dragon Slayer he can eat and use the element of ice in anyway he sees fits. Drako can manipulate ice to the core and has been seen to create large objects out of ice, ranging from cages, grenades, weapons, and he is even able to create animals out of ice and give life to them for a short period of time. Besides creating objects he can shoot ice from the palm of his hands, and generate ice from any part of his body. He can consume the element to replenish his powers, although he cannot eat ice he, himself has created making him immune to any form of ice based powers or cold environments. He has even been able to freeze the environment around him to be able to stop time itself for a few seconds something only the first user of the magic was able to do showing his growth to his magic and how he understands it.

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Drako is also a master in Hand to Hand combat and is self taught using many forms of weapons, whenever he created one out of ice. Drako has stated he isn't physically strong, but posses great speed and uses his small size to his advatages in a fight.

Water Magic: Drako posses Water Magic and is shown to create water out of thing and is able to manipulate the temperature, of said water. He is able to utilize this with his IDSM to harden the Ice he creates by harden the water in the Ice making his Ice harder to break.

Soul Magic: Due to him being a Soul Tracker he gains the ability to be able rip out and extract a soul of any being on Earth, this power unique to those only of the Soul Tracking Unit, he can also see and understand Ghosts and spirits.


  • Drako is the 5th Soul Tracker
  • Drako's power represents his desire and character, he was born with nothing and was filled with the cold chill, of loneliness and empty heart, and so his powers represent his Cold Heart towards humankind and his desire to rid them.