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Elemental Dragon Slayer Magic is a type of Dragon Slayer Magic, Lost Magic, and Caster Magic that utilizes the Elements.

Note: this magic is own by Ike Dreyar for he, is the sole creator of this magic therefore if you wish to use it for any character in the future seek permission from the original creator


This Magic is the legendary Dragon Slayer Magic only known to Ike who is a proud user of the magic. This magic incorporates the elements allowing the user to use all types of elements making this magic a filled with colorful energy and each attack has different propitiates like the energy could resemble Ice or Poison. The user can also combine the Elements together creating one but the cost to due so takes a enormous amount of magic from the user. This Magic has its own form as well like Ike is able to use the Elemental Dragon's Roar making a colorful rainbow version of the roar showing the main elements having a unknown effect. Once said by Reborn that only Ike has the body to wield it and that of a normal human gained this it would destroy their body because they need the blood of the seven Dragon Sages to have  in you. Also due to this magic being so great it is indeed one of the Great Magic in the Magical World.


  • Elemental Dragon's Roar: The user charges than releases a huge colorful Roar causing great havoc to anyone it aims for.
  • Elemental Dragon's Fist: The user coats their hand with a colorful flame and jabs the target sending them flying.
  • Elemental Dragon's 200mm Shot: The user uses one hand and releases a blast sending a huge amount of force at the target.
  • Elemental Dragon's Roaring Shout": The user gather up energy and releases a loud shout of rage creating a massive explosive wave.

Advance Spells

Reborn's Dragon Arts:

  • 3 layered Dragon Style: Roaring Chaotic Shot: The user with a pistol is able to changing a huge amount of energy than firing making a huge Dragon shape blast hitting a target with insane damage.

Ike's Dragon Arts:

  • Dragon God Art: Rainbow Cannon: The user summons a giant Cannon as big as a mouton and has a small tip of it around their arm than fires a big burst of energy being able to go for as 100miles and destroying anything no matter what.
  • Dragon King's: Big Bang Dragon Shot: The user creates a Red ball in front of them then moves there arms back and with extreme force punches the ball releasing a insane red blast being able to destroy a mouton. Ike created this move while fighting lord death in the underworld.


  • Note this magic can be beaten and therefore could be outsmarted.


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