The Satellite Square: Etherion. Note that this is how the Council can wipe out an entire country.

The "Satellite Square: Etherion" (衛星魔法陣・エーテリオン Eisei Mahōjin : Ēterion), best known as Etherion (エーテリオン Ēterion), is an extremely powerful weapon controlled by the Magic Council.


Etherion, once powered up, fires an extremely large amount of Magic that will strike the target. The very massive amount of Magic (Fire Magic along with several other types of Elemental Magic) causes distortion and then wipes the target away, leaving only dust.


  • It has been said that if the Council wishes to annihiliate an entire country, they can just use the Satellite Square and by unknown means, activate it which then releases a burst of its dangerous powers at the land which would then explode engulfing the entire country in a enormous blast.
  • It is unknown on how the Council got in possession of Etherion but some say they got it from the "Heavens". The truth of this is yet to be found out.