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Drako Silva
Reborn-Kun (creator)

Ice Dragon Slayer Magic (氷のドラゴンスレイヤーマジック) is a form of Dragon Slayer Magic, Caster Magic, Lost Magic.


This Magic allows the user to incorporate the element Ice and eat external forces of it to restore their Body health and Magical energy. Drako Silva is the only known user of this magic with Reborn-Kun being the sole creator of this technique.

This type of Magic can allow the user to gain the exact same characteristic of an actual Ice Dragon. The user is able to form ice from his/her body and use if for Offensive or Defensive style. The user is also able to make or shape things out of ice, and even harden the ice to make it stronger. And in fact, the user is capable to survive any extreme cold weather even below 0, and will feel nothing. Also this magic is said to be able to use as healing magic.


Ice Dragon's Breakdown Fist: The user form their hand with ice and jab their opponent sending them flying with extreme force.

Ice Dragon's Roar: The user releases a freezing hurricane blast from their mouth and are able to deal huge damage, but also freezing the target reducing their body temperature.

Ice Dragon's Freezing Drill: The user jumps in the air and surrounds one of their legs, making it look like a ice shaped drill and spin around piercing their target.

Ice Dragon's Crushing Fang: The user charges at the target than coats their elbow with spikes of Ice slashing them dealing damage to the target.

Ice Dragon's Healing Hand: The user can heal his or her self or someone else.

An Ice Dragon Slayer can also use ice make magic such as Gray Fullbuster and Lyon.

Advanced Spells

Secret Dragon Slayer Arts

Sub Zero: 5 Layer Dance of the Ice Goddess: The user surrounds them self with ice coating their whole body and twirls around like they are dancing at a extreme speed, releasing a huge wave of ice able to cover a large radius making it shattering anything within range.

Shattering Glass: Diamond Scythe Exploding Barrage: The user forms a large Diamond shaped scythe and hits their target creating a Diamond shape Explosion causing the blast to deal massive damage while reducing the body temperature of the target to below F point.

Sub Zero: Explosive Icicle Bomb of the Ice Dragon: The user creates a huge bomb like ball with their hands and hurls it at the target exploding them with insane amount of ice damage.


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