Ice magic is the overarching term used for ice-based magical attacks. It's name is derived from the use of exceptionally cold water spells that often cause flash-freezing of liquid as a weapon.


As the name implies, frozen liquid is the essential purpose of such magic. While not all mages using ice magic can use water magic, some fundamentals of water-magic have to be followed to utilize ice as a weapon.

Similar to most magical water spells, ice is either pulled from the atmosphere around oneself, or summoned from another location. The former is significantly more difficult than the latter, however the latter is also very strenuous to use regularly. Most ice mages utilize a lot of trial-and-error practice and endurance training to properly use ice magic.

While not as common, some universes support the ability to manifest ice from thin air using ones own energy converted into a liquid and flash frozden in a process that lasts little more than six nanoseconds.

While using ice magic does not necessitate the use of water, most mages use water due to its very low freezing point. The difficulty of these spells with alloys or solid objects is that water is an extremely easy element to manipulate with magical energy, whereas most solids require intense summoning practices. Additionally, many ice spells focus on manipulating the hydrogen and oxygen in the elements, things often absent entirely from the vast majority of alloys.

Because these spells create freezing temperatures, novice mages should be careful to wear protective gloves, as magical energy built up in the hands can induce frostbite until a mage can properly learn to regulate temperatures.


This list is not a comprehensive list of spells, but rather a gathered list of possible spells currently known. Links provided to pages on specific spells.

Novice Spells

  • Freezing Winds: this is an easy spell for any basic ice mage to use. By simply building up energy and releasing it, the caster can create a surge of cold wind from their hands. The ability to sustain it is dependant on the caster.
  • Icicles: Another spell that novice magic users tend to learn early into learning ice magic. How this spell is cast is dependant on the type of magic school learned, but in general the idea is to create ice spears in the air and hurl them at the target

Advanced Spells

  • Weather: Weather based ice spells typically require much more powerful spellcasting abilities, and often some mastery over wind magic. The requirements of altering barometic pressure tied to dealing significant ice spells in order to alter weather itself can be a daunting task, but not too hard for an advanced mage.

God-Tier Spells