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Age: 21

Birthday: October 31, 1997

Personality: Funny

Quote: "Give up?! Hell, I'm just getting fired up!"

Association: Agents of the Exiled

Abilities: Fire Magic


Dragonic Tri-Blaze - User fires three explosive bursts of flames at enemies.

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Nova Meteor Crush - User creates a massive fire ball and hurls it at enemies.

Blowback Inferno - User fires a massive fire bolt from their hands that erupts into a rampart of missles that tracks and explodes on enemies.

Hellfire Scorcher - User summons a wall of flames that they can control and the flames engulf everything until the user cancels the ability.

Spirit Burn - User can cause enemies to ignite into flames by using their own energy against them.


Even at a young age Jace was expected to be an athletic star. He excelled in anything from baseball, to track and any team he was on believed he could go the distance. He was truly a team player at heart and always ensured that his team mates pulled together even when things looked grim. After being scouted for a prestigious school to play baseball, Jace was finally on his way to making his lifelong dream come true, to play professionally. However, those dreams would be cut short after one fateful day leaving school. As Jace walked home, he noticed a little girl walking across the street at a busy intersection. Without warning a car came speeding towards the intersection with no signs of slowing down. Jace, without thinking, ran into the street and pushed the girl to safety just as the car rammed into him. Jace was thrown into the air and landed onto the street. As on lookers rushed to his aid, Jace stared into the sky, his vision slowly fading. As his breathing slowly faltered , Jace could hear a voice calling out to him. "You of noble deed, you selfless act has not been overlooked, the Agents of the Exiled have looked down upon you with great interest and I, Saturnus, have deemed you worthy of becoming my Vessel...if you choose to accept, your life will be renewed and you will rise from the ashes just as the phoenix..." Years later Jace performs he honorable deeds as an Agent, watching ever so keen to ensure that the dimensions are safe from the evils that wish to do them harm.