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November 20th

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Azure Demons

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Left Upper Back


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Soul "Eater" Evans

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Azure Demons

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Smoke Manipulation
Shadow Magic

Jake (ジェイク) is the Guild leader of the Azure Demons.


Jake is a tall, strong young boy who has Black hair and blue eyes. He wears a white collar sleeve shirt with a tie and a black vest. He wears dress pants with elegant black shoes. He wears a bracelet around his wrist and has the habit of always being seen having a cigarette in his mouth. On his left upper back lies the mark of the Guild Azure Demons and its shown to have a little design on it as well.


While at first glance Jake, may not seem to look like guild leader, he is often seen reading, or sleeping. Jake rarely does anything that exerts a huge amount of effort, if he feels he won't gain anything in return. He always a dull face, and seen smoking constantly as he complains he constantly bored all the time. However people who know him fear and respect him for one reason and that is his knowledge. Jake is shown to be very smart, and is genius when it comes to operating his guild. Jake can solve any problem thrown at him, given enough time, and keep order around his guild, many who seen this side of him, know that once a job is in place, he shifts gears, and acts like true leader, showing his care for his guild and its welfare.


Jake was the son of the previous guild leader, he grew up learning how to fight, steal, and move around in the shadows. Jake was also trying to nap rather than train, however once he did he would quickly show his talents which lead him having a free and normal life. Jake stole whatever he wanted, and when he was teen, he was first rate Assassin. Jake never showed it, but he loved the guild and being a direct descent of the first founder he felt proud of his achievements. Until one day he found his father stealing the vast amount of wealth from the guild, which enraged and confused Jake. Being taught to put his emotions aside he did what he knew his great ancestors would do, and he killed his own father, and took up he mantle of Guild Leader. Under his rule the Azure Demons thrived, and become a feared underground guild, known for its ability to get their jobs done. He is also the one responsible for forming the group Assassin 7 which was tasked on taking down the most gruesome of jobs. Jake is feared in underground world being known as the "Lord of the Night".

Magic and Abilities

Smoke Magic: Jake at a young was heavy smoker, and soon found in interest in using smoke in battle. Jake is able to freely create and weave the smoke, coming off from his cigarette, or anywhere around him. He can even turn his body to smoke at will, making him immune to most psychical attack, he can even turn said smoke into a solid object to create shields, and objects. However the biggest feature of this magic allows him to turn himself invisible, which he can use to gain the upper hand in battle and makes it easier to take out his opponent.

Ice-Make: Jake has some knowledge regarding Ice Magic, as he is able to create Ice, and construct it to take form of any object or creature. He can create things such swords, guns, and shields to living creations like birds, tigers, and elephants. Depending on the object's size and depth, he can use the magic with one hand to cast it quickly, or two to make it much stronger.

First Rate Assassin: Jake was trained at a young age to kill, he was born to set all emotions aside when taking out targets. Jake is able to mask his presence so well, he can make himself disappear with using his smoke magic, and is able to react much quicker than the human eye. Jake was also taught in the art of alchemy knowing how different poisons and potions work, and is an expert of slight and hand. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages in his training as an Assassin is that he is able to completely turn off his emotions and basically shut of all logical and thought as he kills, this makes almost like a zombie when he kills, since he kills with hardly any remorse or guilt for the victim regardless of age, this has caused a supernatural attribute to develop in him, making him unable to be affected by all mental, or mind based powers.

Demon Possession; Absolute Order: This ability is unique only to those who are true members of Azure Demons, each member goes through a body mutation ritual, and allowing them to consume the power of a powerful demon. Jake demon's power allows him to look anyone he wishes in the eye, and command them to do whatever he wishes, the person will do anything he wishes, so long as Jake's eyes remain on his target, and the target hears the order given. The order can be undone, if Jake blinks. This ability allows him to also command animals, and any other living creature. He can even use this ability to see in the darkness, and look over 200mm awa from him.