"Miracles don't come without a price"

Jeanne d'Arc



La Pucelle
The Holy Maiden




Female Female



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Professional Status

Ruler Class Servant


Ruler Class Servant


Gilles De Rais [Saber]

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Holy Magic
Slight fire magic


Flag Pole

The Holy Maiden who fought with Gilles De Rais in the hundred years war and was executed as a Heretic. This holy saint has no hatred towards mankind tho for what happened as she was warned by God before hand and still allowed her capture. There is said to be two Jeannes that exist tho, One who forgave humanity for its cruelness and the other is said to hate humanity for what had happened to her.


Jeanne has long blonde hair that reaches the back of her legs along with having amethyst colored eyes,  she can transformed into her battle-dress with armour woven from Magical Energy to enclose her, In the anime Apocrypha Jeanne is possessing a french girl named Laeticia


Jeanne is very taciturn and cool tho this is only when shes acting as a Ruler class servant, beside this shes quiet and plain.Jeanne bares no wish towards the grail tho believes prayer is for only God not oneself.


*coughs and slips glasses on* Now as you know Jeanne use to live on a farm till she heard the will of God and had decided to join the army while pretending to be a man. As the war ended her and Gilles[This was before Gilles De Rais fell into insanity] were labeled heroes tho things took a dark turn, one day Jeanne heard his will tell her "Soon you shall be captured and tried as a Heretic by King Charles", after hearing this she decided to accept this and so was captured by Charles army and was throne in jail before later on being taken to Place du Vieux-Marché in Rouen where she was burned at the stake.


Under normal cases Jeanne could've appeared as a Saber class servant but because of her undying faith to the Lord she was thrown into the Ruler class, thanks to this she gets an upper hand and knows a servants true name much like how she knew Saber of Reds name was Karna.

[Noble Phantasm 1: Luminosité Eternelle, God is here with me] Jeannes first noble where she plants her flag into the ground and creates a holy barrier which protects from any attack.

[Noble Phantasm 2: La Pucelle, The Crimson Saint] Jeannes second noble phantasm that is a suicide type, Jeanne draws the sword that hangs at her side and swings it which creates the flames that burned her to death which attack her enemies and burn them, now after this is used Jeanne will die

[Gods Resolution] with this ability,Jeanne uses the command seals on her back to take control of servants to help her out in battle

[Magic Resistance] She is immune to level A and below level magic