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Councilman Leiji

Leiji is a member of the Magic Council who occupies the seventh seat. He is a interesting person who is very modest and level headed. He shares similar sentiments to Belno in that governance has to be pragmatic, fair, and reasonable much to the stern opposition of Org and Michello who wants a more aggressive hardline approach.


Leiji is a tall middle-aged man, who always wears small, round, dark shaded glasses. He wears a white and blue Magic Council cloak, always with the hood up. Leiji has large thin lips and tan skin. He has black hair and huge sideburns that almost hit his lips. On his chin are small chin hairs. Leiji also has small eyebrows that always point down, making him look angry and serious.


Leiji shares similarities with that of Belno. He is very modest, level headed, and knows how to keep a calm persona in the most difficult of cases. However, he does tend to believe aggressive action has to be taken if it means for the greater good which puts him opposite of Yajima who believes matters should not always come to that. He tends to go along with whatever the council decides, but he is willing to be a voice of reason if he thinks the discussions are going off the rails and not in line with objectivity and neutrality.

Magic & Abilities

Thought Projection: He is capable of projecting himself in hologram form without the need to be present at a given location.