"Viva La France <3"

Marie Antoinette

The Queen




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Professional Status

Fleur De Lys
The Throne
Rider Class Servant


Rider Class Servant
The Queen


Her Voice
Her Noble Phantasm


her siren voice

The famous Queen of France back in the the 1700s tho she was also noted as their last queen before the French Revolution right before she was executed at the Guillotine. The Queen was labeled as someone who loved her people more then anything.


Marie is endowed with the greatest body and good looks as the result of her being born so as to become a beautiful monarch that will be loved. Her attire is based on the concept of an "Idol Queen".


Marie Antoinette  the Queen of France of the 18th Century who is related to the House of Habsburg. The queen consort of Louis XVI. An ephemeral lady. Born between Holy Roman Emperor Francis I, a person originating from the House of Lorraine as its Duke, and Maria Theresa, who is a descendant of the great aristocratic German household, the House of Habsburg, Marie was born and raised as an existence that symbolizes the "rule of nobility" of the European world, and during a chaotic period of human history where the right of monarchy was no longer absolute, she was executed before getting to witness the worlds change


To note, Marie was born to be loved and to love those who she called her people, she was labeled an idol by many of her people, many claimed she was alot like a Goddess.Now never hated the people who had captured her and thrown her in jail waiting for the day of her executed and infact on the day she was sent to the Guillotines she gave her people a smile before getting her head chopped off.


[Noble Phantasm Guillotine Breaker, Glory to the Crown of white lilies] This Noble Phantasm creates a horse made of crystal with white lilies imprinted on it.

[Magic Resistance] This gives her an advantage over lesser magic tho if its against a powerful caster like Merlin

[Alluring Nightingale] Now, Marie has one weapon and its not a weapon like a sword of spear no her weapon is her singing voice.

[Riding Skill] The ability all riders have that allows them to ride anything like a Horse or motorcycle, now the only issue is that Marie cannot ride a dragon.