Councilman Michello

Michello is a member of the Magic Council who occupies the Third Seat. He is very knowledgable and tries to make the best wise decisions during council meetings. However, he is rather unique and complicated individual.


Michello is a short, old man with oddly flat brown hair, which tapers to a point in three places: on both sides of his face and in the center of his forehead. He also has tufts of hair on either side of his head that resemble ears (though they are most likely not functional, as he has a set of regular ears as well) and what appears to be a light-yellow tail growing out of his backside; these two attributes give him a strong cat-like appearance. Other distinguishing facial features are his bristle-edged mustache, along with tiny, dark-colored eyes and eyebrows that resemble musical notes.

When he was still a member of the Magic Council, Michello's attire was a light-colored robe that bore stripe-like markings on both sleeves, down his sides, and on his back.


Michello is a strict and disciplined individual, which leaves him constantly frustrated at Fairy Tail's reckless actions. He is not afraid to make sacrifices for the greater good, explaining to Org that if firing Etherion helped them prevent Zeref's resurrection, a few deaths were paltry in comparison.

Underneath all of this, however, Michello is an extremely selfish and distrusting individual. He seems to put his life at a far higher value simply because of his status as a Magic Council member. This attitude does alienate those who are close to him such as friends or family.

Magic & Abilities

Thought Projection: He is capable of projecting himself in hologram form without actually being present at a location