"Even if you find a way to out play the pool of Death, I'll be the darkness that drags you back down." - Noxus reminding all of Greece.

Noxus Lindow

The God of Darkness
Son of Death




Male Male

Personal Status

Thanatos (father)


Death Magic
Dark Magic


Dual Wielding Pistols
Wrist Chains

Noxus Lindow is the only son and heir to Lord Death, is the God of Darkness and Ruler of the Shadowrealm.

Nox Render 4 Appearance:

Noxus is average height young man, with a rather average build. He has black hair and brown eyes. He wears a black turtle neck shirt under an long sleeved black coat, with dark grey colored pantss, black gloves and sandals. He
  • Mask of Death
  • The Mask of Darkness
  • Nox's appearance without a Mask
  • God Form
can also been seen wearing a long purple coat with beige pants as well. His most defining feature is his face as one side is disfigured which is the side that holds power of Death Noxus got this from father a long time ago. He is also known two wear two types of Mask one is the Orange Mask of the Darkness and White Mask of Death at times. The mask symbolize his reign of two important powers and allows him to intimidate his foes as well. Noxus assumed this attire because he believed that a God should represent physically or symbolically what they are and should be recognized for it. Finally Noxus has two eyes that are colored different when he fights, his right eye is the Eye of Darkness and his left Eye is named Eye of Death liked his masks respectively as he did this to showcase the intimidating fear of his eyes. He is also known to shape shift into many different forms this is usually for apperance only as he believes the apperance should match the situation when needed. 


Noxus despite his title is a kind man to all his friends in Olympus, and is very respectful to the higher Gods especially, as he takes their wisdom seriously. He is at times a relaxed God knowing the weight of his position, but takes time doing it as well. He has the utmost respect for his father Thanatos wishing to meet his expectations and is offended if anyone speaks ill of him. However Noxus is also the God of Darkness and Son of Death and is aware of his position highly. Noxus is not against killing when needed and believes that Evil in this world is something people should not try to rid off as Good needs Evil in order to achieve balance. For without Evil there is no Good.


Noxus Lindow was born from the cells and soul of Thanatos, who was in need of a heir to raise and the cell grew into a human boy. Thanatos would named this boy someone who would bring the world back in the darkness when the light 

God of Darkness and Death

Noxus as the God of Darkness

shadowed to heavily on the Earth. He named his son "Noxus" God of Darkness and Prince of Death". As a kid, Noxus would train ruthlessly as both a fighter and a scholar, he acquired as much wisdom and knowledge in order to become just like his father. All of Noxus's training has been to meet his father's expectations and be able to take the mantle of Death himself. However Noxus however knew some mortals in the world feared him and hated him for what he and his father are, he tried to ignore it declaring they know nothing of the God of Death, however one day Noxusheard mortals and other minor demigods bad mouth his father, and how they would rise up against him, this triggered Noxus's inner madness consumed by death and darkness overages him, he was tired of people not respecting him or his father and decieded they need to be reminded they they should fear the Gods who govern this world. He attacked the rotten city who outcasted his Father who wished him dead and killed them all one   by one and lost himself in rage. Thanatos heard of this and stopped his son, defeating him in battle and calmed him down. Noxus asked why his father would protect the city who outcasted him if the mortals know thing of the pain of their existence. Thanatos calmly gave a set of words to Noxus that would the most important lesson of his life, that the world is full of Evil and Good, if there is no evil, there can be no good. He believed that Shinigami were beings who did not maintain peace, but instead maintained balance. After hearing this lecture Noxus remembered those words dearly and trained himself even harder to control the power he holds over Darkness and Death, he would use those words to better shape this world. Noxus reliezing while his father is Death, he will be the Darkness that follows death's path until he can take over and slowly prepares for the time when he will be called Noxus God of Darkness and Death.

Magic and Abilities:

Power of Eyes

Noxus showing the power of his Eyes.

Darkness Manipulation: as the God of Darkness Noxus is able to create,shape, and alter and form of Darkness. He can create large clouds of darkness to make a area pitch black, he able to solidify shadows of darkness into objects or weapons, and even teleport using it as well. He even has the ability to alter one's own shadows against them. The main source of the Noxus power relies on the Shadowrealm, a vast land of nothingness where souls who deemed unworthy of heaven or hell are sent to wonder endlessly for eternity.  This power is represented by his Right Eye

Death Manipulation: as the son of Death himself, Noxus is able to determine and control when, how, where, and why someone dies and even induce the circumstances/events that will lead to the targets appointed death. He can even determine when they will be sent to after die as well. This power is represented by his Left Eye.

True God of Darkness and Death Noxus: This is a form when Noxus lets himself go and is corrupted by the Madness of his own powers of Darkness and Death and changes into a completely other form. In this state he rivals that of his own Father in terms of power. However through years of training he has come to control this power and is able to enter it at will. 

God Like Speed and Durability: Noxus as always preferred speed over strength and trained his body able to develop almost God like speed and reaction time. He is also known to take a huge amount of damage to himself before he can give up.

Chains of the Underworld: Soul Binder: Given to him by Hades, as a gift for becoming the God of Darkness Noxus, is able to summon chains around his wrists and able to use them as weapons, the chain itself is very durable and is hard to break. Noxus is able to trap and take control of one's soul using this Chain.

Scythe and Gun Prodigy:Noxus has trained in the art of firearms and is a master when it comes to using dual wielding pistols. He also able to wield a Scythe one of most dangerous weapons ever made, just like his father who personally taught him making him a master of the weapon.

Dark Hole

Noxus using Dark Hole


Dark Hole: This is Noxus' most powerful move allowing him to use his right Eye of Darkness and creating a Vortex or almost a hole that will suck up anything or anyone from his sights and transport them into the shadowrealm instantly trapping them. This move is extremely powerful and if used will blind him for awhile in his right Eye.


Noxus is a greek god his other Patheon God counterparts are as followed;