Org in the Former Council

Councilman Org

Org (オーグ Ōgu) is a member of the Magic Council who occupies the second seat. He is generally seen as very by the books and does not tolerate those who breach the rules. However, over the years, he has evolved to be much more flexible when it comes to governance


Org is a tall, gray-haired elderly man with a considerably long beard, as well as a mustache. He has pointy ears and has a habit of keeping only one of his dark-colored eyes open at a time. Org also wears multiple layers of robes, much like the other members of the Magic Council, and on top of his head he wears a small bat-shaped ornament.


Org is originally shown to be a rather belligerent, strict man and openly showed his intolerance and borderline dislike for council members who show leniency. He went out of his way to see Fairy Tail disbanded, but after their help in preventing Etherion from destroying countless innocent lives, Org views Fairy Tail in a softer, more grand light and now, ironically, now shows them concern when faced with the scorn of the current Council.

Magic & Abilities

Thought Projection: Capable of projecting himself in hologram form without being present at a location