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Hiro Maxine

Persona Magic (ペルソナ マジック Perusona Majikku) is a Caster-Type Lost Magic under Ancient Spell that involves manipulation of several souls of mages by a single person.


Persona Magic allows the user to change character unto another and use them, provided that the soul is intact with the user's (able to merge). If so, the user and the selected soul then merges. Though the soul's appearance is apprehended, the mind of the caster remains (except if forced merge). The caster is only limited to have seven souls in their persona. Persona Magic is very different on Seith Magic and Human Subordination, (although it can be affiliated on Human Take-Over Magic in some ways) as it has no side effects upon merging and the merging does not need to trap the souls.


Normal Merge

Forced Merge

In this case, the soul upperhands the user, forcing the two to merge. If so, the user might not be able to control the mind nor the body. This will happen:

  • If the user has an intensified emotion (which allows a specific persona to wake up.)
  • When the user is unconscious.