Royal Arm 8
Spear of the Sealing

Royal Arm



"There was once a King who had the power to prevent his foes from ever dealing him harm, this is his Spear, which forevers seals the power of its foes." The Spear of the Sealing described by Gladius

The Spear of the Sealing is one of the Fourteen Royal Arms of Power.


The Spear is a long crimson colored single bladed spear, it also has little, if almsot rigged lines that look line veins around the gripping of the spear as user can feel a heartbeat while holding it as i implies the Spear is actually a living thing. The spear has the ability to seal a certian power of a enemy if they are cut and they cannot heal or use the ability unless the user switches out of the weapon, or if the spear breaks.