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Our goal is to make a giant fanon community filled with different magics, characters, guilds, and universes all of which adds to our community. This wiki is basically omniversal where users have near total freedom to create content on here (with some very narrow and clearly defined circumstances of course). Please make sure to look at the criteria that you are encouraged to have in your pages as soon as possible, but if your pages looks too overpowered or do not match the guidelines, then your page(s) could be at risk of either modifications or deletions. The wiki's Administration will deliberate on such matter to ensure a fair judgment can be rendered. Log in or Sign up to experience the full content of this site. Please note that this site is undergoing many changes. Please feel free to join our Discord server to role play with other active members!

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  • Cinio University

Cinio University

Cinio University is a relatively new and somewhat large research university located in Cincinnati, Ohio. As of November 2038, the university enrolls 7,500 undergraduate students and 3,240 graduate students for a total enrollment of approximately 10,740.(read more...)

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