To conquer one's self is a greater victory than to conquer thousands in a battle.”- Thanatos to Noxus Lindow

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Lord Death




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Personal Status

Noxus Lindow (son/vessel)


Death Manipulation
Mind Manipulation
Black Arts



Thanatos is the God of Death, and father to Noxus Lindow


Thanatos is large being who is known to take on many forms. His most commonly seen form is a large male shape man, with armor and a huge cloak covering the face.


Thanatos is shown to be very intimating to others, and is feared all over the world, he causes the most bravest of mortal and Gods to fall on their knees at his sight. Thanatos is consider a powerful God who is respected and admired on how well he handles his position and is a deeply trusted ally with Olympus, with this alliance The Lord of Death to some is quite friendly when it comes to the main gods of Olympus, specifically with Hades whom the two consider each other brothers. Thanatos is also a serious God when it comes to his line of work and will not hesitate to eliminate anyone who gets in the way of death, and is shown not to care for a single ounce of a human's life as humanity's death is what sets his hunger so high. Despite his deadly nature to anyone, but those he respects he does hold one person deeply to his heart, and that is his son Noxus Lindow whom Thanatos trains in hopes of one day he can trust his son Noxus to take the mantle of Death for him.


Death Manipulation: Thanatos is the ruler of everything involving Death, he has to the ability to determine when, why, and how someone will die and can kill anyone he chooses with a simple swing of his Scythe. Despite him being able to end a life that being said, he also can also extend a person's life if he so pleases as Thanatos also posses absolute control of the dead and can bring anyone back to life, with the snap of his fingers. He has stated Death to even being a game which he is the judge and that everyone plays his game no matter the person, or god, Thanatos is the clock-smith behind everyone's death clock, and will be not only be the Judge, but also the Jury and Executioner as he will determine when your game is over. However the perhapes the most terrifying and sad thing about Thanatos is since he is Death himself, if he wishes anyone he touches will die instantly.

Black Arts: Not only representing evil, but Thanatos is also the emodiment of evil itself, and is the darkness the fights the light constanly. Thanatos is the source for all Evil and Chaos in the universe. He has the ability to summon Dark Energy beams from his palms, or summons hordes of the dead to aid him battle. He can even control the minds
Death's Game

"You all play the Game of Death"

of Gods, and creatures such like Titans, Dragons, and even the Kraken.

Master Scythe Wielder: Thanatos' main weapon is his Scythe called, "Soul Harvest" that he has trained with for centuries and is a master of wielding the weapon in combat. The Scythe is able to rip a soul out of any living thing and power Thanatos up in battle.