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The Dimensional Realms are ruled by Arcanam. Arcanam is the God who rules over time, space, and the dimensions that link them together. There are three Dimensional Realms that make up the Dimensional World. The first is the Mosaic Realm, which consists of Earth and the galaxies that surround Earth's solar system along with the other universes that reside within the Mosaic Realm. Each universe has its own set of Gods in which they rule over that universe. The Cryptic Realm, which consists of the Unknown Plain, is an area believed to be Purgatory. The final realm is the Celestial Realm. This realm consists of Avalon (Heaven) and Pandemonium (Hell) and is considered to be the most dangerous realm of them all since most of the intense fighting amongst the Agents of the Exiled occurs here to maintain order between the Dravens (Demons) and the Oracles (Angels). In between these realms that interconnect them is the Dimensional Void. The Astroarchs tend to roam here the most and Agents are usually dispatched to address any disturbances caused by them when they try to go through a Dimensional Gateway. The Agents of Exiled are Arcanam's keepers of the peace and maintain order within the Dimensions. The Personas follow the instructions that are given by Arcanam when the time comes to choose a Vessel and at that time upon possession the Vessel then follows the instructions set by him as well. Although Avalon is ruled by Messiah and Pandemonium is ruled by Deimos, it is the responsibility of Arcanam to ensure that their constant feud remains within their domains and does not seep into the other dimensions.