Councilman Yajima

Yajima (ヤジマ Yajima) is a member of the Magic Council who occupies the Sixth Seat. He is a very humble and intelligent individual. Despite his elderly persona, he is opposite of Org in that he is willing to treat the youth as simply misguided and needing assistance to find their way. He is willing to give second chances much to chargin to his more stern colleagues.


Yajima is a short, old man with thick light-brown eyebrows and a small toothbrush mustache that reaches halfway to his mouth, though after the time-skip, it touches his lower lip. In his years in the Council, he wore a brown long sleeve shirt with black vertical stripes and a black three-spiked hat. During his younger years, he was of average height, had brown hair, and wore a light-brown collared shirt and dark blue-green pants.


Yajima is a very quiet person. During meetings with the Council, he keeps silent most of the time, even when he knew that something was wrong. Yajima greatly supports Fairy Tail and is often defending them in the Council despite tense exchanges with certain members. This may be due to his close acquaintance with Makarov, a former teammate of his, or possibly due to his former affiliation to the guild.

Magic & Abilities

Flattening Magic: He is able to flatten his body along a physical surface

Telepathy: He is able to talk telepathically to others without anyone hearing a conversation except the person he's talking to.

Thought Projection: He is capable of projecting himself in hologram form without needing to be present at a location

Cooking Specialist: He is a superbly proficient cook who uses magic in recipes